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gigant is the European specialist for market-orientated solutions in the commercial vehicle industry, established in 1953. The group of companies is headquartered in Dinklage-Germany in Lower Saxony. The production facilities are in Germany, France and Great Britain.
The group of companies under the management of the parent company, gigant Holding AG, comprises:
• gigant Trenkamp & Gehle GmbH in Dinklage,
• SAE Joint Venture in France
• gigant UK Ltd. in England.
We manufacture axle systems, air suspension and leaf spring units as well as compressed air tanks and distribute these via a European network of partners and branches. We help you at once with our more than 500 service centres in the event that a problem does occur at some time or wearing parts need replacing.
The involvement of the European members of the group has enabled gigant to create a development and production company that not only has more than 50 years of experience but also puts its heart and soul into combining tradition with innovation. Only in this way it is possible to develop axles among other things to cope with the toughest requirements while being light, inexpensive and easy to maintain.
Our family-run company's policies are just as down-to-earth as the legendary heavy-duty axles. We keep a sharp eye on the sustainability of our products and production instead of on share prices.
Perhaps that is the reason people say that the employees in the gigant Group are like the axles we manufacture:
An integrated whole
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