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Sweden is a leading aluminum wheel manufacturer in the world. With over 40 years of practice in Aluminium wheels for heavy duty purpose, Tunaverken Sweden has the knowledge and expertise to produce Tuna wheel, the highest quality aluminium wheel for your vehicle. Today, Tunaverken Sweden is a member of the Midal Cables group of companies in Bahrain, one of the most technologically advanced and successful manufacturer of advanced Aluminium products in the middle east region.
With manufacturing strategically placed a short distance from one of the biggest Aluminium smelters in the world, Tunaverken Sweden receives liquid aluminum straight from the source every six hours. And unlike other wheel manufacture's Tunaverken Sweden is able to refrain from re-melting their raw material, enabling them to start with the highest quality alloy to enter their product line. The liquid aluminium is then poured into ladles as the first step of the process. This process was invented by Tunaverken Sweden more than 40 years ago ensuring all parameters are met, delivering the highest quality wheel.
Liquid aluminum is injected into the mold. The speed, consistency, filling temperature and pressure has been carefully crafted and tested by an expert development team. Then the wheel is cooled gradually at specific areas within the mold. This process can take between ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the wheel size, ensuring optimized material quality.
Tuna Wheel products have been tried and tested, relied and recommended across the globe, for its unbeatable value and uncompromising quality standards. Tunaverken Sweden carries out quality checks for each and every wheel which comes out from the production line. Every wheel undergoes x-ray and leak tests ensuring all wheels meet the highest international standards.
After heat treatment the wheel enters the drilling and machining stage. Using the highest level of modern technology, the wheels are worked and crafted down to a final wheel weighing between 13 to 28 kilos depending on the size. Keeping to Tuna Wheel's Highest quality standard final laboratory and machine tests are carried out before the wheels move into surface treatment stage. At Tunaverken Sweden, this Swedish legacy of solid craftsmanship with high-technology production plays a pivotal role in customizing wheels according to each customer's requirement.
Tuna Wheel enables you to choose from a flexible product range that meets the extensive demands of the truck, trailer and bus markets. From bulk buyers to minimal orders, Tuna Wheel provides their fullest attention to every customer, regardless of size.
Tuna Wheel drives three main values in its business
- Driving Innovation- Tuna Wheel offers the innovative and revolutionary "Reversible Super Single Wheel" concept for trailer market. This unique product increases your tyre life with more than 50 per cent.
- Driving Customization - Pick any colour to satisfy your unique need or Brand your wheel with your own logo
- Driving Variety - We offer a wide variety of finishes to meet your individual requirement.
Once the wheel is ready produced, final marking is cut into the metal. Tuna wheel deliver a higher valuable product for the customer by also offering customized branding to their order.
Tuna wheel is a result of a great partnership. Tunaverken Sweden with its international market experience and the Midal cables group of companies with its strong base in aluminium production, are capable of giving a unique experience to its customers and delivering the highest standard of Aluminium wheels to you!
Tuna Wheel
Technology from Sweden since 1967
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